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    Many newer mobile phones are built with 3D scanners – it has never been easier to transform people and products into digital 3D models. Don’t have access to a scanner? Our team can create models for you!

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Optimize Conversions

ARitize Your eCommerce Business With Digital Twins of Your Products.

Our subscribers are experiencing a boost in conversions of shoppers-to-buyers by adding ARitized product experiences to their sites. Through ARitize, eComm businesses are increasing leads, and post-sale, experiencing an impressive drop in product returns. Add a richer capture of consumer analytics with artificial intelligence. Our omni-channel approach will reduce the friction points along your customer’s journey to purchase.

It’s Easier Than You Think.

Learn how our subscribers are converting shoppers to buyers with the world’s first self-serve, omni-channel platform for AR.

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Thought Leadership

Gartner Research reports 100 million consumers
will shop in augmented reality online and in-store by 2020.

Grow Your Sales Funnel By 300% With ARitize | Case Study

Case Study: Block Scientific | 300% Growth In Sales with AR Augmented…
Vacuum Cleaner Market Case Study

Convert 400% More Shoppers To Buyers With ARitize

Vacuum Cleaner Market sold more Miele vacuum cleaners in one…

Budweiser Stage 25th Anniversary Experience

Budweiser needed a solution for their 25th Anniversary tall can.…

Grow Your Sales Funnel By 300% With ARitize | Case Study

Case Study: Block Scientific | 300% Growth In Sales with AR Augmented…

“The first ARitized product we implemented generated a month’s worth of sales ($5,000 USD) in one week – a 400% increase in conversions.”

Chad Brownfield, CEO | VacuumCleanerMarket

“It is the next best thing to being here in our gallery…They can turn my pieces and see them from every direction, and every angle.”

Zoltán Dávid, Founder | Zoltan David Jewelry

“From our website to your backyard, there is no better way to appreciate all the ways you can use a Mr. Steak™ BBQ than first experiencing it in AR.”

Mick Scully, Founder | Mr. Steak

“We are impressed with the early results of AR on our website, and look forward to introducing NexTech to the medical lab industry.”

Jeremy Lindner, President | Block Scientific

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